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03/28/2014 - Scanner Management Service (SMS)
Read this data sheet to learn more about Scanner Management Service (SMS).

03/26/2014 - MC75A
The 3.5G MC75A, one of the world’s premium EDAs, offers more features and functionality, in a field-proven rugged form factor, than any other device in its class.

03/25/2014 - ASTRO 25 XTL 2500 P25 Mobile Radio
This high-performance digital mobile radio is P25-compliant, supports encryption, data capable and available in mid/high power models.

03/25/2014 - ASTRO XTL 1500 P25 Mobile Radio
The Motorola XTL 1500 mobile radio is affordable, powerful, durable, and functional for everyday use.

03/25/2014 - APX™ 7500 Multi-Band Mobile Radio
The top of the line mobile equipped with leading edge technology. Ideal for agencies requiring multiband interoperability and use with the O9 integrated control head.

03/25/2014 - APX™ 4500 P25 Mobile Radio
Compact, easy-to-install dash mount design with basic features. Ideal for agencies requiring a budget-friendly P25 mobile solution.


03/25/2014 - APX™ 7000 Multi-Band Portable Radio
Motorola's top of the line P25 two-way radio capable of multi-band operation, backward and forward compatibility (Analog/Digital, FDMA/TDMA), and integrated GPS for outdoor location.
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Sleek and durable for mission critical operations, the APX 7000L is ideal solution federal government first responder that require the most up-to-date information faster and more efficiently, all the while maintaining voice communication simultaneously.

03/10/2014 - XPR 4580 Mobile Two-Way Radio
As part of the MOTOTRBO digital system, this radio features an integrated GPS module and UHF / VHF frequency band operation.

02/28/2014 - XTS 1500 Digital Portable Radio
Cost-effective digital portable radio designed for public works and utilities, compliant with Project 25 standards.

02/25/2014 - XTS 2500 Digital Portable Radio
High-performance digital portable radio complies with P25 standards, operating on local and wide area networks. Multiple bands and water-immersible model available.

01/29/2014 - Radio Link Express
<p>Enables enterprises with existing two-way radio systems to extend their PTT talk group communications to Enterprise Voice devices.</p>


01/24/2014 - Triangle Services Keeps Baggage Moving with MOTOTRBO™ Digital Radio System
Keeping baggage moving and delivered to the right place at the right time is both a challenge and a critical factor in airport passenger satisfaction. For Triangle Services, time is of the essence with no margin for error. MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios and StreetTrek Explorer GPS location software keeps Triangle's staff in constant communication, meeting its commitment to deliver flawless customer service.

12/19/2013 - Public Safety Data Communications Survey
Public Safety Data Communications Survey

11/20/2013 - PremierOne Public Safety Applications Suite
PremierOne Public Safety Applications Suite

11/01/2013 - Trucking Logistics Solutions
Instant access to cargo, truck and worker data.

10/24/2013 - Point of Sale Solutions
Make checkouts quick and easy, and turn shoppers into loyal customers.<br /> <br /> <b>Explore <a href="">mobile bar code scanning</a><br /> Benefit from <a href="/Business/US-EN/Business+Solutions/Industry+Solutions/Retail/Point_of_SaleSolutions/Mobile_Point_of_Sale_Solutions">mobile point of sale</a></b><br />

10/24/2013 - Merchandising and Inventory Management
Improve inventory and replenishment processes while ensuring product availability.


03/25/2014 - Pre-sales and Merchandising Solutions for DSD Route Accounting
Make the most of your pre-sales and merchandising calls.

03/25/2014 - Full Service Solutions for DSD Route Accounting
Deliver goods, manage inventory, increase accuracy.

02/20/2014 - IRemote mounting installation instructions
IRemote mounting installation instructions

02/19/2014 - Fleet Maintenance Solutions
Keep your fleet up and running.

02/18/2014 - Fleet Management for Transportation and Logistics
Track fleet usage, reduce maintenance costs and automate compliance.

12/19/2013 - Public Safety Data Communications Survey
Public Safety Data Communications Survey