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Wide Area Large Business Portable Radios
Two-way radios help to increase worker productivity and the safety of larger organizations with more complex communication needs.

PR860 Portable

This radio delivers advanced performance in a lightweight, ergonomic design that even accomodates users wearing heavy gloves.
PR860 Specifications (PDF)
PR860 Specifications (HTML)

HT750™ Portable

An affordable, reliable radio that keeps audio crisp and clear.
HT750™ Specifications (PDF)
HT750™ Specifications (HTML)

HT1250™ Portable

A versatile radio with large LCD display, telephone interconnection capability and outstanding audio clarity.
HT1250™ Specifications (PDF)
HT1250™ Specifications (HTML)

EX500™ Portable

This radio has a comfortable ergonomic design and precision-controlled signaling.
EX500™ Specifications (PDF)
EX500™ Specifications (HTML)

PR1500 Portable

A highly durable radio that offers migration to P25 interoperabililty standards, as well as broad range and sophisticated audio quality..
PR1500 Specifications (PDF)
PR1500 Specifications (HTML)

MT™ 1500 Portable

This analog two-way has high-powered features in a compact package. Software enables operation on multiple systems, including SmartZone.
MT™ 1500 Specifications (PDF)
MT™ 1500 Specifications (HTML)

PR400 Portable

The PR400™ portable two-way radio is perfect for new two-way radio users, small organizations, and firms that want an affordable solution with a maximum number features. It gives a wide choice of channels, is LTR-capable and is available in three models: 16 channels (non-display/non-keypad), 32 channels (full alphanumeric display/partial keypad) and 64 channels (full alphanumeric display/full keypad).
PR400 Specifications (PDF)
PR400 Specifications (HTML)

HT1250 LS+™ Portable

Combining high-level features with the exceptional versatility of trunking, the Motorola HT1250LS+™ portable two-way radio is a smart choice for your business communication needs. It can operate on either LTR® trunking systems - providing wide calling range, faster channel access, greater privacy, and higher user and talkgroup capacity - or on innovative PassPort® systems.
HT1250 LS+™ Specifications (PDF)
HT1250 LS+™ Specifications (HTML)

EX560 XLS™ Portable

Designed to operate in the harshest of outdoor environments, Motorola's EX560XLS™ two-way radio delivers exceptional quality, performance, durability and reliability, keeping users in contact when conditions turn rough. This compact, rugged radio is built for durability - with IP67 specifications for protection against water and dust intrusion.
EX560 XLS™ Specifications (PDF)
EX560 XLS™ Specifications (HTML)

EX600 XLS™ Portable

Power and versatility are yours with the Motorola EX600XLS™ portable two-way radio. At just 9.5 ounces, this full-keypad portable radio is compact and lightweight. This radio's many outstanding features include: six programmable buttons, a full range of signaling options and dual mode operation capability, which switches between LTR® and Conventional modes. User-friendly icons on the 14-character alphanumeric display provide clear, understandable information at a glance.
EX600 XLS™ Specifications (PDF)
EX600 XLS™ Specifications (HTML)

Wide Area Large Business Mobile Radios
When you employ rugged, high-performance technology, your team is within range no matter the range - across the state, in the air, out at sea or on a mountain.

CDM750™ Mobile

Ideal for organizations with moderate communication requirements, the CDM750 provides simple yet high-performing functionality.
CDM750™ Specifications (PDF)
CDM750™ Specifications (HTML)

CDM1250™ Mobile

Perfect for growing organizations, the flexible CDM1250 can readily expand to meet rapidly changing business needs.
View CM1250™ Specifications (PDF)
CM1250™ Specifications (HTML)

CDM1550™ Mobile

The CDM1550 is fully equipped to handle the advanced communication needs of organizations requiring high levels of flexibility and functionality.
View CDM1550™ Specifications (PDF)
CDM1550™ Specifications (HTML)

PM1500™ Mobile

This radio provides durability and extensive signaling for users who depend on clear communications, especially in loud conditions.
PM1500™ Specifications (PDF)
PM1500™ Specifications (HTML)

PM1200™ Mobile

Designed to provide government and commercial institutions with maximum value. It offers local public safety, public works, utilities and transportation professionals a full range of easy-to-use features, with all the quality and reliability users expect from Motorola.
PM1200™ Specifications (PDF)
PM1200™ Specifications (HTML)

ASTRO XTL 1500 P25 Mobile Radio

The Motorola XTL 1500 mobile radio is affordable, powerful, durable, and functional for everyday use.
ASTRO XTL 1500 Specifications (PDF)
ASTRO XTL 1500 Specifications (HTML)

PM400™ Mobile

The PM400™ mobile two-way radio is perfect for new two-way radio users, small organizations, and firms that want an affordable solution with a maximum number of features. It offers 64-channel operation, innovative LTR trunking capability and option board expandability.
PM400™ Specifications (PDF)
PM400™ Specifications (HTML)

CDM1550 LS+™ Mobile Radio

High-performing features combined with versatile trunking capabilities make the CDM1550 LS+™ the smart choice to keep mobile work teams performing at their best. The Motorola CDM1550 LS+™ Mobile Two Way Radio incorporates UHF LTR® trunking capabilities - offering you wider calling range, faster channel access, greater privacy and higher user and talkgroup capacity - as well as innovative PassPort® trunking. Ideal for users with growing communication needs.
CDM1550 LS+™ Specifications (PDF)
CDM1550 LS+™ Specifications (HTML)

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