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P25 Portable Radios P25 Mobile Radios
Redefine safety in communication with portables designed to deliver the highest level of interoperability for efficient mission critical management.

With a wide range of rugged, flexible mobile radio options available, Motorola mobile radios set the standard for advanced technology and real-world reliability, enabling personnel to communicate in any environment.

APX™ 7000 Multi-Band Portable Radio

Motorola's new P25 two-way radio capable of multi-band operation, backward and forward compatibility (Analog/Digital, FDMA/TDMA), and integrated GPS for outdoor location.
APX™ 7000 Specifications (PDF)
APX™ 7000 Specifications (HTML)

APX™ 7500 Multi-Band Mobile Radio

Motorola's 4th generation P25 Subscriber is capable of multi-band interoperability in one radio (700/800 MHz and VHF), backwards and forwards compatibility (FDMA and TDMA), and integrated GPS for outdoor location tracking.
APX™ 7500 Specifications (PDF)
APX™ 7500 Specifications (HTML)

APX™ 7000XE P25 Portable Radio

Specifically designed for extreme environments with exaggerated controls and multi-band interoperability in a rugged design.
APX™ 7000XE Specifications (PDF)
APX™ 7000XE Specifications (HTML)

APX™ 6500 P25 Mobile Radio

Ideal for agencies requiring single band operation. Has an easy to install design and future P25 Phase 2 capability.
APX™ 6500 Specifications (PDF)
APX™ 6500 Specifications (HTML)

APX™ 6000 P25 Portable Radio

A smart investment delivering leading edge technology in a compact design with single band operation and future P25 Phase 2 capability.
APX™ 6000 Specifications (PDF)
APX™ 6000 Specifications (HTML)

APX™ 4500 P25 Mobile Radio

The APX 4500 brings together powerful technology in a compact, rugged, mobile radio that's easy on your budget.
APX™ 4500 Specifications

APX™ 6000XE P25 Portable Radio

Designed for gloved users working in extreme environments with exaggerated ergonomics and rugged specifications. Ideal for agencies requiring advanced features in a smaller, single-band form factor.
APX™ 6000XE Specifications (PDF)
APX™ 6000XE Specifications (HTML)

APX™ 1500 P25 Mobile Radio

Durable and compact with quality P25 features in an easy to use design, the APX 1500 is ideal for local government and public works users that require a budget friendly P25 Phase 2 solution.
APX™ 1500 Specifications

APX™ 4000 P25 Portable Radio

Durable and compact with key features in an easy to use design. The APX 4000 is ideal for agencies requiring a budget friendly P25 Phase 2 solution.
APX 4000 Specifications (PDF)
APX 4000 Specifications (HTML)

APX™ 3000 P25 Portable Radio

Explore how the APX 3000 P25 TDMA capable covert radio can help you communicate securely while blending into the surroundings..
APX 3000 Specifications (PDF)

APX™ 1000 P25 Portable Radio

Durable and compact with quality P25 features in an easy to use design. The APX 1000 is ideal for local government and public works users that require a budget friendly P25 Phase 2 solution.
APX 1000 Specifications (PDF)


Behind every radio is the strength of the system infrastructure and Motorola's equipment is designed to support both your day-to-day operations or the critical times when an emergency call must get through.

Gateways Encryption Comparators
Without a technician, software-based configuration creates a network of peer-to-peer gateways to maintain talk-paths with no single point of failure. Software and portable solutions eliminate manual entry, reach out-of-range units and improve security so you can quickly achieve compliance. High-quality audio from different receivers combine to create a single, clear signal, which is critical for areas subject to weak transmissions.

Base Stations and Repeaters Controllers Test Equipment
Every sudden or planned event requires rapid response. Various protocol compatibilities enable flexibility, no matter how restrictive the environment. Redundant configurations ensure continuous operation in case of failure so that your system never quits, no matter how demanding the situation. Ensure your system's optimum performance, whether it consists of two-way communication products or complex trunking and voice encryption technology.

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