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Simplify and reduce the costs associated with wireless and wired network management with a range of scalable architecture.
Centralized control over your mobility solution allows you to easily design, deploy, monitor and secure your network while improving daily operations. Improve business process flow with one platform for wireless voice, video, data and multiple RF technologies. Seamless roaming across deployments and resilient failover capabilities ensure reliability.

NX 9000 Integrated Services Controller

Whether deploying a network across multiple schools in a K-12 school district, campuses in a hospital system or a retailer's store branches, the NX 9000 Integrated Services Controller is set up to handle several sites and thousands of users. Your IT staff can centrally control networks of 1,000 to 10,000 WLAN access points geographically dispersed across small or medium-sized enterprise locations. WiNG 5 access points intelligently handle the traffic flows, quality of service, mobility and security at remotely distributed locations, while the NX 9000 provides a single point for configuration, policy setting and remote troubleshooting. Hotspot configuration, security policy management and statistics aggregation are all done by one powerful controller located at headquarters or a datacenter.
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RFS 7000 Wireless RF Switch

The RFS 7000 delivers unmatched performance, security, resiliency, scalability and manageability for the large wireless enterprise/campus/warehouse, providing a single platform capable of delivering carrier-grade wireless voice and data for 8,000-96,000 users. Motorola's Wireless Next Generation (Wi-NG) architecture improves operational efficiency and reduces the cost of mobility with a powerful comprehensive feature set that includes Adaptive AP, SMART RF and Wired/Wireless Firewall for Wi-Fi, RFID locationing, providing gap-free layered security, and unmatched reliability for 802.11n with Mesh, centralized management and more - best ROI and lowest TCO.
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View RFS 7000 FIPS & CC-Compliant Specifications

RFS 6000 Wireless LAN Switch

The RF Switch (RFS) 6000 provides a single platform capable of delivering carrier-grade wireless voice and data inside and outside the enterprise for medium to large organizations with 2,000-20,000 users. Improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost of mobility with a powerful comprehensive feature set including Adaptive AP, which delivers unmatched performance, security, reliability and scalability to enable networks for business mobility at a low TCO. Built on Motorola's Wireless Next Generation (WiNG) architecture, the RF Switch (RFS) 6000 supports Wi-Fi, RFID, seamless roaming, next-generation self-healing, 3G/4G wireless broadband backhaul, gap-free layered security, rich locationing services, 802.11n with Mesh, centralized management and more
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RFS 4000 802.11n Integrated Services Controller

The RFS 4000 802.11n Integrated Services Controller is designed to provide any branch office or remote facility with high performance, comprehensive, cost-effective and secure wireless and wired networking services. No matter what the networking needs are in your branch offices, the RFS 4000 delivers rich voice support including Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) now, Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and IP PBX in the future; rich video support including video conferencing and video surveillance; multiple locationing technologies such as Wi-Fi and RFID; plus support for multiple RF technologies, including future technologies such as Wi-MAX. The RFS4000 is the only product in its class that offers dual band access concurrent with Mesh services as well as gap free security with 24x7 Wireless Intrusion Protection System (IPS).
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