Maintenance Contracts

Protect your investment, reduce chances of unexpected equipment failures, and experience a new standard of service with a maintenance contract tailored to your unique needs. With a maintenance contract from Staley Communication you can rest assured that your communications system will be operating at peak performance. Priority service, scheduled preliminary maintenance checks, advanced hardware replacement, and fixed repair costs are just a few of the benefits that our maintenance customers enjoy. Give us a call and speak to a service representative to find out how we can help take the headache out of managing your systems lifecycle.

They key benefits are:

  • Pre-Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

    Maintenance customers receive yearly (more frequent if required) preventative maintenance checks to ensure their system is operating at peak performance and identify any potential deficiencies before they cause a system failure.

  • Priority Service

    Unfortunately, things happen that are out of our control and hardware fails but when you hold a maintenance contract with Staley Communication you can rest assured knowing that you receive priority service. If desired, contracts can be arranged to include 24/7 system support and targeted onsite response times to ensure you experience minimal downtime.

  • Advanced Replacement

    We know that when your equipment fails time is one thing that is not on your side. With a maintenance contract you have the option to put your infrastructure equipment on the fast track with advanced replacement or use a spare from our equipment pool to get you up and running until your equipment is repaired.

  • No Hidden Costs

    To purchase a maintenance contract is to transfer the unpredictable - and potentially costly - risk of an equipment failure into a fixed, bearable financial investment. This allows one to control repair costs and avoid unnecessary overhaul and repair.

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